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EMP Now: Your One-Stop E-Marketing Solution

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Looking to increase clients, sales and profits?

Struggling, or looking to improve your online marketing, sales and profits?

We at EMP – E-Marketing & Publishing – offers your an unparalleled marketing solution and quick results in today’s internet age.

Whatever your needs, EMP seeks to improve every aspect of your business, both online and offline.

Low Ratings With Google Reviews?

Wondering why your business rivals are getting rave reviews whilst your reputation lags behind them?

Try our RepGuard Service which helps ‘Guard Your Honour’ and see your reputation improve and your listings overhaul your competitors.

No Videos On Your Website? You’re Leaving Money On The Table!

Perhaps you lack videos on your site (an absolute MUST in this day and age!).

Our Video Service can help you ‘Share Your Vision’ with the world.

Is Your Website Mobile-Optimised?

Do you have a responsive website that can be easily viewed on mobile, tablet and computer, or need an upgrade on your existing site?

Let us work with you to get the look and feel you want.

Is Your Website Search-Engine Friendly?

Struggling to make your site optimized for the search engines so prospective clients can find you?

Our Search Engine Optimization service (SEO) – In Search of Excellence – together with a focused social media campaign, can seriously lift your customer numbers and profits.

Want To Share Your Message To A New Audience?

Ever considered broadcasting your business to a wider audience?

We can help you achieve that by ‘Sharing Your Message’ with our Webinar and Podcast Service.

EMP Now – Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Online & Offline Marketing Needs

At EMP we strive to ensure our clients are at the cutting edge of new innovations in the Internet Market Place.

We NEVER rest on our laurels.

We constantly look to improve our own processes and use the latest and most effective strategies and software to give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

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SHOULD Be Doing Online

Not only are you a Business Owner, selling your services and products, you are also a CONSUMER, right?
And as a consumer, looking for and comparing services and products, what do you do? You check out online ratings and reviews, right?
So if you do that as a consumer, you should be doing that as a Business Owner for your business, right?



Let us show you how to outrank your local competition in Google Reviews with our EMP RepGuard Service – Guarding Your Honour.


Tap Into The Power of Video

to Attract More Clients

If you are not using Video on your website or in your marketing, you are leaving money on the table. Consider this:

  • 90% of Online Buyers Say That Product or Service Videos Influence Their Buying Decision
  • After Watching a Video, 64% of Users Are More Likely To Buy a Product or Service Online
  • Customers Trust Websites That Have Videos and Are Far More Likely To Become Your Customer

For a business using Video to promote their business, this data is PURE GOLD!

Our EMP Video Service can not only produce marketing and promotional Videos for your site and business, we can ensure it gets seen by as many eyes as possible. EMP Video Service – Sharing Your Vision

Create Your Own

Money-Making Website

Increasingly, your potential clients browse the internet on mobile phones and tablets.

If your website is just 1-2 years old, it may not be ‘mobile responsive’. That is, your site looks AWFUL on mobile and tablet.

Indeed, a dated and poorly built site can HARM your business and your reputation.

Learn more about what our EMP Website Service can do to showcase your business, get you more leads and paying customers and enhance your name and reputation, online and offline.

EMP’s Internet Marketing Expertise

Whatever your online need is for your business, EMP can help

Is your business name and reputation ranking poorly in comparison to your competitors?
The EMP RepGuard Service is ‘Guarding Your Honour’
No videos on your site?
The EMP ‘Sharing Your Vision’ Video Service can make your site and business look more dynamic and bring you more PAYING CUSTOMERS!
Need to revamp your website or a complete rebuild?
The EMP Website Design Service is for you
Struggling to get new leads and customers? 
The EMP SEO ‘Search For Excellence’ Service dramatically boosts your online presence and sales

How about having an audio presence?
The EMP Webinar & Podcast Service can be ‘Sharing Your Message’ to ever more customers
Don’t let your competitor’s outsmart or outrank you.
Let EMP help you improve your customer engagement in today’s evolving internet marketing arena

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